Pfizer and other pharma giants join MediLedger working group

Blockchain in healthcare updates Acquires Betterpath Health
Betterpath Health CEO Matt Sinderbrand did a Health Unchained podcast that you can listen to here.

The acquisition bolsters Hu-manity's portfolio of data solutions. Interestingly this coincided with a reorganization of the Hu-manity website, moving the emphasis from their campaign for a 31st human right around data ownership to Hu-manity's "consent as a service" offering, which brokers consent on the behalf of consumers such that corporations can better respect consumer's wishes. 

I think that we'll need institutions to mediate data access on the behalf of consumers, but their interests need to be aligned with the people they represent. That is the only way that we can escape the perverse incentives that exist today. Perhaps Hu-manity fits this bill, but I'm not sure because their business model is not clear to me.

Hu-manity now also lists Ethereum as a technology they work, which surprised me given their collaboration with IBM

Pfizer, McKesson, AmerisourceBergen, and Premier Join MediLedger Contracting and Chargebacks Working Group
MediLedger is building on their initial saleable returns use case by adding a "working group" on contracting and chargebacks. And it should be noted that this is a working group, not a live deployment. 

Pharma supply chains are complex. There are a plethora of stakeholders, a web of contracts, a general lack of transparency, and complicated pricing structures. It's not surprising that transactions often lead to chargebacks. MediLedger aims to streamline this process, though details on how are sparse.

This is an interesting development because it expands the scope of the MediLedger beyond just DSCSA compliance. Moreover, I think the addition of "contracting" to the title of the working group might hint at future ambitions given the currently shifting structure of pharma supply chains. The HHS proposed a rule that would dramatically change how rebates are structured in federal programs and it seems likely that these changes will make their way to commercial markets in due time. This will require new business arrangements and technology infrastructure, and blockchains can play a role in establishing trust, facilitating payments, and streamlining business processes. 

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An article by Deloitte on blockchain in healthcare coalition building
The article features quotes from an executive at the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association hinting at the broad work that they and their members are doing with blockchain technology. 

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