A review of blockchain and healthcare in 2019

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To mark the end of the year I looked back at the past year’s blockchain and healthcare activity and summarized it. I also looked at what my top performing posts of 2019 were. Here is what I came up with:

  • Top posts of 2019

  • New business networks were created

  • New products were launched

  • Interest and activity in privacy technology surged

  • Blockchain technology rapidly became geopolitically important

  • Momentum in Asia built

  • Investment increased

  • The first big security token offering was not a success

  • Initial coin offerings continue to struggle

I wrote this up in a review, and there ended up being a lot of content (there are ~100 links!), so much so that I couldn’t send the whole thing as an email. Sorry about that. But I’ve put it up on my website here:

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I hope you’ll read and enjoy it. I would deeply appreciate it if you shared it with people you think would find it valuable as well.

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That’s enough reading for one week. Next week I’ll share predictions for the coming year. If you have any predictions of your own feel free to send them to me, I’d love to hear what people are thinking.

I would also like to thank Phil BakerSean ManionVince Kuraitis, and Ray Dogum for providing their thoughts on my review before publication. Much appreciated!

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