Pfizer, Biogen led working group demonstrates proof-of-concept

New Business Network: Trust Your Supplier

An EHR project launches their own public blockchain and several blockchain communities debate how to fund development efforts

A look at blockchain consortia in healthcare

JP Morgan highlights credentialing use case & Facebook exec is grilled by Congress

UberHealth partners with Solve.Care & the world stage for digital currencies heats up significantly

Beyond Blocks Special Semiannual Report

Progress in outcomes based contracting platforms & biospecimen tracking

MediLedger starts their DSCSA pilot, new details on IBM's Health Utility Network emerge, and Facebook's Libra is revealed

Genomics startup partners with Merck and Facebook's GlobalCoin testnet is set to launch next week

Pharma giants combine to use AI and blockchain for drug discovery and Kik gets sued

More details on the FDA's DSCSA pilot & EY open sources their Etheruem mainnet privacy tool

Jose Arrieta is appointed HHS CIO and Facebook's GlobalCoin

JPMorgan acquires InstaMed and NYC Blockchain Week's many announcements

LunaDNA raises $4.6m and the Bitcoin community considers taking a drastic option

Pfizer and other pharma giants join MediLedger working group

FDA approves blockchain supply chain and IoT pilot

BCBS Massachusetts/Michigan team up with Express Scripts and EY unveils Nightfall

Embleema partners with the Government of Armenia and more startups raise VC funding

Instamed launchs a blockchain payments solution and what a16z's evolution means for healthcare


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